The Strategic Personal Growth Process

The Integrity of Life program follows a five-step Strategic Personal Growth process. Each step addresses several key guiding questions that are adapted to your specific needs, circumstances, and temperament.

  1. Assessing: Where do things stand right now?  What are my signature strengths and challenges?  What are the external opportunities and threats?  What core values guide me?

  1. Visioning: What is my preferred future—the flourishing life I envision?  What does this flourishing life feel like and look like? How can I optimize my potential?

  2. Planning: What goals and key strategies will help to close the gap between my current reality and envisioned, flourishing future?  How will I mark and measure my progress?

  1. Acting: What actions, with whom, and by when are my top priority?  What resources do I need to take these actions effectively?

  1. Renewing: What am I learning?  What course-corrections are needed?

What are the results of the Strategic Growth Process?

Doing the Strategic Personal Growth work with commitment and consistency can yield powerful results.

  • A sharp assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges
  • A clear articulation of your passion-driven life purpose
  • A compelling vision for the flourishing life you choose to lead
  • A well-defined personal mission
  • Core values to guide you
  • A Strategic Personal Growth™ plan that’s “SMART”—specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timelined
  • A method for continuous review, improvement, and renewal