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We all want to become our best selves.  Just as a seed becomes a majestic tree, we want to become our best, most “flourishing” selves.

But, often our desires are subverted by inner and outer resistance—

  • “I’m not worthy of better.”
  • “I fear this direction in my life.”
  • “I can’t threaten the status quo of things and relationships in my life.”
  • “At least I’m getting by.”

Flourishing in all aspects of our life is possible. It’s within our reach. And, that still, small voice within keeps nudging us to do greater things, to become more fully human, to become more truly ourselves.

We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.

—Marianne Williamson, A Course in Miracles

It’s really about making a personal decision. About embracing the fullest meaning and possibility for our lives. About making our lives matter.

Whom do I encourage to flourish?

Dads:  I delight in encouraging fathers and “fathers-in-the-making” (men who are likely to become fathers) to excel in body, mind, and spirit—in life flourishing. I have done extensive research and gleaned key insights and implications for dads and dads-in-the-making. (I also am the father of six children, including five in the young adult years.)

Young adults:  I see the young adult years (18-34) as magical, defining, and crucial. I have done in-depth research on young adults, and have created methods and tools to support young adults to truly meaningful and fulfilling lives.

People who are poised and ready for change:  I derive great joy from facilitating clarity and forward-movement strategies for people in transition and “life-shifts”—changes . . .

  • in status from single to married
  • to becoming a parent
  • in career
  • in exploring existential, spiritual, and life-purpose questions

What guides me as a Strategic Personal Growth™ facilitator?

  • Dignity: We are free and responsible and have innate and inviolable personal dignity.  We are equals in the strategic growth partnership.
  • Strengths: We have “signature” (enduring, persisting) strengths that are the essential building-blocks of personal excellence.  Identifying and building on our personal strengths helps us to create a positive sense of self and personal effectiveness.
  • Intentionality: We are naturally motivated to define and choose the life we want to live.  We feel empowered and most alive when we live with intentionality and clear strategies.
  • Integrity: We are guided by an inner compass that urges our growth dynamically in all areas.  We are capable of adjusting our life trajectory continuously—much like an airplane that has a basic flight plan AND makes minor and sometimes major changes while in flight.  By nature, we seek balance and integration–wholeness.
  • Targeted action: We are energized by focused action—like the momentum of an arrow that’s released from the bow and aimed at the target’s bull’s eye.  Our action propels us towards our vision and the accomplishment of our goals.

How do I help you to achieve your goals?

I provide effective tools in three key areas—personal passion, vision, action–to achieve your top life goals, using this formula.

Passionate purpose
A clear vision
Disciplined, targeted action
Goal achievement
What is my essential role in supporting you?

In collaborative partnership with you . . .

  1. I witness your life journey.
  2. I catalyze your capabilities, sparking ideas, possibilities, and fresh perspectives through various exercises and questions.
  3. I encourage you to take decisive action towards your goals, celebrating your gains and working through challenges.

How can I learn more?

I suggest that we start with a 30-minute conversation that explores your readiness to engage in this Strategic Personal Growth process.  You can reach me at 541.613.0654 (text or call) or daniel [AT] integrityoflife [DOT] com.


[1] Realizing excellence in five research-based areas, called “PERMA”:  P=position emotions; E=(full) engagement; R=(nourishing) relationships; M=meaning (personal, existential—“big picture’); A=achievement (competence, mastery) [Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-Being, Martin E.P. Seligman]