Integrity of Life Services LLC

About Daniel Murphy

I am a personal life coach*, passionate about helping men pursue strategic growth—become the best men and, if fathers, the best fathers (or uncles, mentors) they can be.

A father of six children ranging in age from 18 to 35, over the past two decades I have been encouraging fathers and fathers-in-the-making to envision and enact their best lives by continuously realizing dynamic life balance. My “Integrity of Life” framework and method for strategic personal growth give men the insights and tools to advance with clarity in six life domains—always guided by their personally defined life vision and “credo” (core beliefs and actions).

With thirty years as a human services professional at every level (from direct service to executive leadership) and two graduate programs in family studies and adult education, I thrive on optimizing the range of human potential and possibilities, and exploring ways to move through self-sabotaging attitudes and behaviors to personal meaning and mastery.

My approach builds on strengths, targets solutions, and supports effective action—always in a spirit of self-compassion and life-long learning and growth.

To contact me, please call me at 541.613.0654 or use the form below.

*positive psychology facilitator, encourager, catalyst, “life integrationist”